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Weight & Body Image

Do you hate food? Do you love food?

Did you try a dozen of diets, cutting out entire food groups, and then after a few weeks, months.... well you know... 'cave'...?

Do you feel like a failure, not able to love your body?

We learn that love and comfort is food. Punishment is restriction.

We are tempted to eat all the time, while a women should also be thin like a stick! I say: enough of this trap. There is a solution!

I'd love to tell you more about how I have learned to feel relaxed, and just not that interested anymore in food, snacking or looking a certain way with RTT Hypnotherapy. Are you up for it too?

Woman in Casual Clothing
"I have not binged, and been able to eat without feeling guilty with a much more positive body image. Not only has it helped my relationship with food and my body, it has also given me a lot more belief in myself and in the things I want to achieve in life."

Julie, Copenhagen

Weight & Body Image
Man with Beard
"I feel more solid, confident, and know more what I'm worth. I feel powerful and proud, even. Something has really fallen off me."

Chris, Amsterdam

Confidence & Mood

If you feel you just don't have what it takes, you will fail not matter what,

or are you the typical imposter? 

So much energy is spent on worrying!

You can start to feel like nothing can truly ever settle you, up to the point where you lack the energy to even keep trying...


Or do you hardly relax? Always worrying, thinking: 'But what if....' Do your thoughts run wild very often making you feel constantly stressed?

There are a few crucial beliefs in our subconscious mind that can be underlying these issues. They were shaped at some point, but that does not mean we can not change drastically!

Let's see how RTT Hypnotherapy can help you.

I'd be happy to tell you all about it!

Confidenc & Mood

Health & Pain Relief

Did you try everything to heal,  relieve migraines, irritable bowel symptoms, back pain or heavy periods, but nothing really helps?

You have done the FODMAP diet, eliminated dairy gluten, sugar and still not much of a difference?

Are you not able to get pregnant, or experience miscarriages in the early stages?

Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder that always listens... Our entire body, every cell, responds to every word, thought and feeling that is presented to it. So if our body behaves a certain way, the questions is: what imprints is it responding to?

I would love to tell you all about how RTT Hypnotherapy can help.

I suffered with IBS from early childhood, and how I wished I would have known then what I know now! Your mind can create new imprints, and the body will follow...

Health & Pain Relief RTT Heske Hypnotherapy
"I had a fibroid in my uterus and due to this I had a lot of blood loss, no energy and pain. After working with Heske I have less pain, the bleeding stopped and the energy is coming back as well!"

Sara, Madrid

Health & Pain relief
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