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Do you feel like life would be so much easier if you were more confident?


These are signs your confidence is holding you back:

⚫️ Constantly talking negatively and critically of yourself
⚫️ Avoiding things
⚫️ Uncomfortable when you are given a compliment
⚫️ Worry about what others think of things
⚫️ You don’t trust your own judgment
⚫️ You lack boundaries

Many people will recognise that they lack in confidence, but they don’t realise what is causing it, so they just get stuck. RTT therapy can help uncover the crucial beliefs in our subconscious mind that can be causing the lack of confidence.

Confidence is key when it comes to navigating our way through life and when we lack it, whether that be in our relationships, our career, our hobbies, or however else your lack of confidence presents, it can have a hugely negative impact.

If you’re ready to step into your next level confident self, I’m offering a free meditation to re-connect with that part in you. 

Meditation on Confidence (English)

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