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Working on your new mindset? 5 things you need to know...

New year, new mindset! Have you started already?

You just might or might not (yet), but here are 5 things that are important to know about the mind, that might help you to realize your dreamed outcome for this year!

If the mind is not 100% on board with bold new actions, leaving your job, the daily sweat sessions in the gym or leaving that toxic relationship behind... well, then ... we tend to fall back into old thinking patterns.

Here are 5 KEY RULES of how the mind works, so you can learn what DOES need to happen in order to make lasting changes!

1 - The mind learns by repetition: we need at least 60-90 days to create a new habit, if not, we will always go back to what is most familiair.

2 - The mind wants to move away from pain, towards pleasure: as long as we associate smoking with pleasure, and not smoking with pain, we'll always keep that craving. It can only change when we actively & repetitively disrupt that association circuit in the brain!

3 - The mind does what it thinks you want it to do: it just mirrors back to you what you feed it with in the first place! If you keep saying to yourself: I have no choice but staying where I'm at, because I'll be a failure otherwise, that is what is expected to catch your attention and reconfirm itself over and over again. (see point 1)

4 - The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs: they cancel eachother out and we stay stuck in the middle, or the most familiair one wins. If we say 'I hate junkfood it makes me unhealthy and fat' while at the same time we think: 'I love junkfood because it gives me comfort and it's the most yummy food I can think of' ....

The mind is confused.

Be precise and consisitent which one you choose!

5 - Every thought creates an emotional reaction & a physical response.

Think of the word 'vacation' and see what happens in your mind & body....

Now think of the word 'loss' and do the same... Words create images, and the images make us feel all these feelings, based on which we take action or withdraw.

Choose your words wisely, because the mind is always listening!

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