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the mind body sync

the program


Confidence & Calm: mind & body in sync

3 - month program to let go of

- anxiety


-chronic pain


Dare to jump with me and let go!

Go for it and free your mind, your body and your life from old patterns that are doing you harm.

This is the moment when you can consciously give your life direction again on your terms:

Bye bye stressed out perfectionist, pleasing multitasker, hello YOU!

During the 3-month period you will self-study, use self-hypnosis combined with three 1:1 RTT hypnotherapy sessions

and have weekly coaching calls.

The program is strategically designed so that you can identify, release and reprogram your blockages in body and mind.

This happens on a daily basis, which makes the transformation happen faster than with regular psychotherapy.

calm in body & mind
confidence to be 'just' you
friendship with your body
healthy (eating)habits

program set-up



 & goal setting

- Online Meeting


Get to know your mind

- Self Learning


rediscovery of self

- Hypnosis Session


Exposing Root Causes mind - RTT Hypnotherapy Session


Transform & reprogram Mind 21-Daily Self Hypnosis Audio


living the


Weekly coaching calls


Exposing root causes body RTT Hypnotherapy Session


Transform & reprogram body 21-Daily Self Hypnosis Audio


feeling the changes

Weekly coaching calls



A Short recap
by Heske

what clients say

Chris, Amsterdam

"I feel more solid, confident, and know more what I'm worth. I feel powerful and proud, even. Something has really fallen off me."

Julie, Copenhagen

"I have not binged, and been able to eat without feeling guilty with a much more positive body image. Not only has it helped my relationship with food and my body, it has also given me a lot more belief in myself and in the things I want to achieve in life."

Lisa, Chicago

“"Truly helpful to work with Heske!”
Fashion Photography

good girl syndrome


1. Perfectionism 

Creating constant tension, unrealistic standards, and lack of positive emotion, it's never enough.

2. People pleasing 

Not honoring your own (bodies') limits, not standing your own ground.

3. Body-Image Issues 

- Always on some sort of fitness 'journey' (aka diet and calorie burning regime).

4. history of trauma

Always 'on', not able to relax, trust and feel safe, emotionally unstable 

Source: Cleveland Clinic, July 17th 2023

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