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How to Cope with Panic and Stress

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

"The panic just overwhelms me, again and again" she says, "and I can't do anything about it to stop it; my heart races, I get lightheaded and my legs go all wobbly."⠀I am talking to a 33-year old new mom with Panic attacks that increasingly take over her life.

Many times, the trigger of the panic attack is an unconscious one. So we might think that the panic suddenly rushes in, while often that is not entirely the case. ⠀

In the Rapid Transformational Therapy session we had the week after, the trigger appeared to be connected to a deep-rooted belief: 'I am alone, and no-one will notice it if something is wrong with me, I am completely unimportant, insignificant.' ⠀

We explored this belief, reviewed it, and then: interrupted it by challenging that. How much of all this was actually true in her current life?

In the hypnotic rewiring audio I made, she would hear statements like: ⠀

"You are important. You are meant to be here, and whenever you want or need help, you possess all the skills to raise your voice, and take action. ⠀

You have amazing coping skills, because time and again you show to yourself how you have resolved and overcome problems in your life successfully. ⠀

You are an adult, strong woman now, changing the words that change your reality, and by doing this every day, you are taking back control of your feelings. I am safe because I can make myself safe, and I don't need anyone to do that for me."⠀

Two weeks after our online therapy session and daily audio listening she says: 'I stopped avoiding leaving the house or driving a car alone. I still feel a bit nervous, but 'something' changed. It's like I feel some ground underneath my feet.'


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