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Frequently Asked Questions about RTT Hypnotherapy

• What is RTT Hypnotherapy?

• Is hypnotherapy safe?

• What is hypnotherapy used for?

• What does hypnotherapy do?

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• How much does RTT hypnotherapy cost?

Depending on the length and scope of the process, the investment starts at EUR 595.

• Is RTT Hypnotherapy reimbursed by the (basic) Dutch health insurance?

A small part of the amount may only be reimbursed if you have additional insurance. This can differ per insurance company, and should always be checked first.

• Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnotherapy is not a pill you swallow. It is a collaborative process between you, the tools and the techniques that RTT Hypnotherapy offers. Guarantees can never be given, but if the commitment from both sides is 100%, positive change will happen!

• Can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

• Can hypnotherapy help with depression?

• Can hypnotherapy help me with trauma and PTSD?

• Can hypnotherapy help me stop drinking, smoking or binge eating?

• Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

• Can hypnotherapy help you with physical (pain) complaints?

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