Does Rapid Transformational Therapy really work?

The short answer is yes! But let me explain.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy, also called RTT, you immerse yourself in the roots of your problems in the subconscious and pull them out, as it were. A belief that is stored in the subconscious are like the lense through which you see and do everything, and these can, without your knowledge, sabotage the change you want to make so badly!

You often know very well rationally what you are doing wrong, such as with a diet to lose weight, for example, where it seems impossible to keep it up ... This is because those subconscious, ingrained patterns apparently contradict the conscious belief! That is why with Rapid Transformational Therapy we take a radically different approach from regular 'talk' therapy.

Instead of working with the alert consciousness mind (by analyzing and talking rationally) you will connect through relaxation with the subconscious mind, where intuitive and emotionally charged patterns are stored; that's what makes the change so fast. When you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis, you have, as it were, lowered the 'curtain' of your self-censorship, and you can notice your feelings easily. A change in your subconscious mind will break through your patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are stored there, and then you can make that change permanent through the repetition of the daily audio.

By breaking through your patterns and beliefs in hypnosis, you quickly feel a shift in your perspective, and you will notice this especially through a change in your feelings. The results may already be noticeable in the first 48 hours after a session. You will also notice changes in your way of thinking, which will only become stronger with the repetition of the daily audio recording. And from that moment on it only gets better!

No matter how long you've been dealing with certain issues, RTT can change your mind about it very quickly. It takes you back to where your "negative" patterns, beliefs and behaviors were created and changes them.

If you're looking for a monumental kick in the right direction, RTT can really help!

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