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what people say about hypnotherapy


"It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It really helped me; I take better care of myself in all sorts of ways, and I only eat when I'm hungry. 
I feel calmer, more confident and stronger. I have also experienced other forms of therapy before, but none of them were as powerful as this. I would recommend it to everyone!"

Chris, Amsterdam


vision & mission

heske ottevanger

I am on a mission to help women dissolve the anxious relationship between emotion, self esteem and the body for good. 

I know what it's like, because I struggled with depression and anxiety around my weight for decades...

As women we take on a complicated task to be 'perfect' everywhere, to look like a supermodel, while at the same time oblige ourselves to be the perfect mother, lover, friend and employee. 

Food, has been taught to us by marketeers, is emotion. Happy? We eat. Sad or stressed? Here, eat this.... And before we know it, we are trapped in an impossible loop of restricting ourselves to be a certain way, look a certain way, while being conditioned to eat with every emotion we feel! It makes many feel like failures constantly, and that can't be right!

So I say: enough. We have more important stuff to do with our lives than think about what others think, and on top of that: diets don't work! We need a detox of restriction and yoyo effects!

Your body will thank you by healing it's metabolism, building self esteem, balancing your mood and settling at a weight that is appropriate and right for you...

Reach out today for more information, no strings attached.

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