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Heske Ottevanger

Internationally Certified Clinical RTT® Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.

Specialized in fast & effective results, online or face-to-face


Without having to talk endlessly about your problems or childhood.

Rapid Transformational Therapy®
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"If you really, once and for all, want to get rid of what is holding you back from happiness, freedom and health in your life."

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how I developed good girl syndrome, and burned out

For twenty years I let my trauma rule my life. I was nine years old when I lost my sister in a tragic accident, which I witnessed along with my father and brother. My family was torn apart, and I was left to my own. I shut down my emotions, building an armor of protection to be able to sustain myself. I became the typical 'good girl' for the outside world. "Amazing how you cope so well!' I heard a lot., while in secret I was struggling with chronic IBS, depression, disordered eating and eventually burnout. That was when I knew I could no longer force myself in the 'Good Girl' role...

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good girl syndrome


1. Perfectionism 

Creating constant tension, unrealistic standards, and lack of positive emotion, it's never enough.

2. People pleasing 

Not honoring your own (bodies') limits, not standing your own ground.

3.Body-Image Issues 

Always on some sort of fitness 'journey' (aka diet and calorie burning regime).

4. history of trauma

Always 'on', not able to relax, trust and feel safe, emotionally unstable 

Source: Cleveland Clinic, July 17th 2023

Are these your symptoms?


Irritable bowel, Migraines, Premenstrual Syndrome


Stress, Restless, Confidence, Imposter Syndrome


Binge eating, Sugar Addiction, YoYo dieting


Insomnia, Depression, Burnout

This Method for you if ...

- You're done just talking about your problems

- If you are struggling with anxiety, exhaustion, pain and health habits

- You already know what you should do, but somehow can't 

- You dare to leave your comfort zone, because being a 'Good Girl' is too friggin' exhausting.

- Feel stuck because you've tried so much but nothing sticks

- You are tired of your own tendency to procrastinate, to hide behind excuses and smoke screens.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”


- Albert Einstein - 


“Lose your mind

and come to your senses”


- Marisa Peer - 

Imagine this is you...

- Free from toxic thinking, and you can truly love yourself.

- Feeling confident and relaxed, allowed to make mistakes and be imperfect.

- Excited about your healthy habits, and indifferent to sweets, junkfood, cigarettes or alcohol

- Good about yourself and your body.

.... But wait a minute: what is the catch here?


Well there isn't. It's no hocus pocus, no trick. RTT is the best of psychotherapy combined with hypnosis, which makes it way easier for the mind to learn and let go.


In the past four years I have helped more than two hundred people (click for more reviews).


It's practical, no bullshit, tailored to you with quick results.


Does your heart say: "YES! I want this! If I'm not ready now, when will I ever be?”

Don't wait too long, and...


"If you struggle with disordered eating, low self-esteem or anxiety....Heske is the therapist you need. I've had a great experience with her, she is friendly, assertive, punctual, good listener and very exact, I would say her method is effective!"

Emily Santos, Colombia

"A progress that changed my life and self image. The accompaniment that you are getting is very powerful and helpful."

Kitt Sie, The Netherlands

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