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Heske Ottevanger

Internationally Certified Clinical RTT® Hypnotherapist


Specialized in fast & effective results, online or face-to-face


Without having to talk endlessly about your problems or childhood.

ONLINE Rapid Transformational Therapy ®
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"If you really, once and for all, want to get rid of what is holding you back from happiness, love and health in your life."

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My story

For twenty years I let my trauma rule my life. I was only nine years old when I lost my sister in a tragic accident, which I witnessed along with my father and brother. There I built an armor protection to be able to sustain myself in this life.

It resulted in depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem and a shutdown of my feelings...

This is for you if ...

- You're done just talking about your problems

- You already know what you should do, but somehow can't 

- You have the courage to leave your comfort zone

- Feel stuck because you've tried so much but nothing sticks

- You are tired of your own tendency to procrastinate, to hide behind excuses and smoke screens.

RTT Heske Hypnotherapy

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”


- Albert Einstein - 

Image by Jason Hogan

“Lose your mind

and come to your senses”


- Marisa Peer - 

Imagine this...

- You are free from harmful patterns that seem to always haunt you

- You are confident and relaxed, deeply certain you'll always be good enough

- You are excited about your healthy habits, and indifferent to sweets, junkfood, cigarettes or alcohol

- You feel good about yourself and your body

.... But wait a minute: what is the catch here?


Well there isn't. It's no hocus pocus, no trick.


In the past two years I have helped more than a hundred people to a better life (click for more reviews).


It's practical, no bull shit, tailored to you with quick results.


Does your heart say: "YES! I want this! If I'm not ready now, when will I ever be?”

Don't wait too long, because before you know it, this special moment will be over...

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